Appeal and Instructions to visitors
Appeal to visitors

Appeal to visitors

from the President of the International movement Army Hand-to-hand Combat of the Russian Federation

Dear friends!
Colleagues engaged in martial arts and various sports, admirers and fans of army hand-to-Hand Combat!
Who wishing to join the International movement "Army hand-to-Hand Combat of the Russian Federation!

I have great respect for your choice to be involved in the Russian Federation's military hand-to-Hand combat.

Now each of us needs wisdom and a concentration of spiritual and physical strength to:
- to resist chaos, riots, marauders associated with the confrontation of power, civil disobedience,
- counter criminals, domestic violence related to alcohol and drugs,
- to resist man-made and natural disasters that pose a threat to the inhabitants of cities.

We need to learn how to be unapproachable for spiritual and physical corruption and help those who cannot resist permissiveness on their own.

Strengthening the strength of mind and body through the employment of AHtoHC, which will bring knowledge, consistency and stability in the ability to position yourself as a strong and confident person. This will give the basis for success and good luck, which will benefit the prepared and knowledgeable people. Learn AHtoHC to understand the spirit of resistance and pass the path of defender!

Knowledge of AHtoHC will prepare you for difficulties and hardships, will save your life during natural and man-made disasters, during military conflicts. And in peacetime, you can protect yourself and the weak from domestic violence and criminals. The occupation of AHtoHC will save you from an unexpected attack of those who consider permissiveness the right to violence, robbery or robbery.

You will be able to resist any bad influence on you and the weak, protecting them!

Today, the situation in the world is dangerous, because it is unstable. There is increasing violence. Attacks on citizens living in Europe, America and the whole world are increasing. Also recorded a lot of political and civil strife in society. These confrontations lead to violations of public order and unrest among the population.

I invite you to participate in the project IM_AHtoHC_RF, aimed at creating an International movement of army hand-to-Hand Combat of the Russian Federation (abbreviated IM_AHtoHC_RF). The project IM_AHtoHC_RF will teach people a special method of self-defense. It will teach to defend and survive in the moment of unrest that arose due to political and social unrest. Teach the system of survival in the event of man-made and natural disasters.
Specialists Of the project IM_AHtoHC_RF have professional information, which is used by special army units of the Russian army for survival. We put this information in the brochure of the project IM_AHtoHC_RF.
The brochure IM_AHtoHC_RF will be provided to those who support the Project.
Our Project is to provide instructions/brochures IM_AHtoHC_RF to all who want to survive in an extreme environment in the city and beyond. The project will provide you with a manual / brochure on the survival and techniques of IM_AHtoHC, the necessary accessories that will help to save you and your family members!

Support our project IM_AHtoHC_RF!
Instructions to visitors

Instructions for visitors

from the President of the International movement Army Hand-to-hand Combat of the Russian Federation

Dear friends!
Colleagues engaged in martial arts and various sports, admirers and fans of army hand-to-Hand Combat!
Who wishing to join the army hand-to-Hand Combat of the Russian Federation!

The project offers all who support IM_Ahtoh_RF a survival guide - this is a brochure, information in which will save your life!

IM_AHtoHC_RF specialists will send you a booklet that contains instructions for:

- Army hand-to-hand combat of the Russian Federation (is the art of combat and survival);
- Russian system of survival in settlements and outside them in case of technogenic and natural disasters, military conflicts.
- practical tips for first aid in a doctor absence..
The instructions IM_AHtoHC_RF are compiled with the direct participation of ex-officers of special units of the Russian army on the basis of their real experience.

What is written in the IM_AHtoHC_RF's instructions (the brochure)?
1. The brochure describes the causes of the onset of destructive events and the signs (forecast) of an upcoming catastrophe for each region. It's written in clear language:
a) have a backpack at home;
b) to keep the instructions(broshure) in this backpack;
c) to learn and to teach others(to acquaint your family members with the instructions).
2. The first rule of survival is explained:
a) where to hide, where to be or not, any places to avoid when total or partial destruction of buildings;
b) when completely or partially disconnected electricity – what to do, how to behave, how to survive long-term absence of electricity;
3. You will learn the first rule of Russian military hand-to-hand combat. At which moment you should:
a) to beat and how to beat;
b) to escape and how to escape, where to escape;
4. About first aid when injuries: how and when you should provide first medical care.

When you will be able to ask noone by phone or the Internet how to act and what to do in an emergency case, then you will be able to look into our instructions (brochure). And for THIS you should have at home:
- IM_AHtoHC_RF instructions (brochure) and store it along with your personal documents in a special backpack;
- Dry rations (individual food ration - IFR) and store it in a backpack;
- Military watch with the IM_AHtoHC_RF logo from the set of Ratnik ("Warrior") special units of the Russian army;
- Compass of special units of the Russian army;
- All-weather clothing of Russian army special units;
- All-weather shoes of Russian army special units.

All of the above you will receive from the specialists of the Project IM_AHtoHC_RF

Thanks to our IM_AHtoHC_RF guide you will be able to:
- correctly assemble backpack;
- assess the situation in the region correctly;
- act correctly during civil unrest and natural disasters;

- assess the enemy correctly and based on this to fight effectively without a physical training.

If you would like to receive not only a instruction/brochure, but also to distribute the instruction/brochure of the IM_AHtoHC_RF Project in your country, I will appoint you as our representative of the IM_AHtoHC_RF Project and you will be rewarded for distributing the instruction/brochure.

Support our project IM_AHtoHC_RF!