Mission of The Project IM_AHtoHC_RF
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Army Hand-to-Hand Combat

AHC/AHtoHC is a full contact sport, where the warriors with excellent techniques of head and legs kicking are winning.
And if you add to this honed wrestling technique and skilful use of painful ones, such a fighter will become simply unbeatable. The facts of real combat encounters with the enemy prove this statement.

History of The Project IM_AHtoHC_RF

But there is a secret in creating the AHC, which is confirmed by its founder Alexei Kadochnikov - AHC appeared earlier than the modern history of Russia and the actual founders of the AHC are the distant ancestors of modern Russians.
These were ancient Russians who had battle skills even in those periods of history when there was no Russia. The Great Tartary existed and then Rus’ itself appeared. On that very territory there lived the ancient peoples, it was time when there were no firearms.
Appeal and instructions to visitors

Appeal to visitors

Dear friends!
Colleagues and supporters, engaged in martial arts or in various sports!
Fans of Army Hand-to-Hand Combat!
Those who wish to join the Russian Federation Army Hand-to-Hand Combat!
I greatly respect you for the choice to be involved in the Army Combat of the Russian Federation

Instructions to visitors

The project offers everyone who will support the IM_AHtoHC_RF survival manual - this is a brochure, its information will save your life!
Project instructions IM_AHtoHC_RF were drafted with the direct participation of former officers of special units of the Russian army on the basis of their real experience.
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Nothing depends on us
Nothing depends on us
Learn to survive
Learn to survive<br>
Russian secrets 
Russian secrets&nbsp;
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Nothing depends on us&nbsp;
Nothing depends on us 
Learn to survive&nbsp;
Learn to survive 
Russian secrets&nbsp;
Russian secrets 
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